Reversing MDDMajor Depression Disorder & PTSDPost Traumatic Stress Disorder ,
rediscovering the joy of life

Revolutionary Predictive AI

MyndBlue is a digital MedTech company that develops a personalized & predictive clinical score combining physiological measurements from outpatients & artificial intelligence.

Our mission is to help physicians detect & predict
troubles in real time for earlier intervention to
be more successful in treating MDD & PTSD.

Who are we, and what do we want to resolve?

We are a multisciplinary team of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, pharmacists, mathematicians, & engineers whose passion is tackling tough challenges in the real world.

The deep understanding of patient & physician’s needs permits us to design a highly accurate prediction algorithm that is transparent, understandable, and trustworthy to support decisionmakers.

The result is a highly accurate prediction algorithm to support physicians under messy real-world data conditions.

If we had anticipated earlier...

Every day, doctors are faced with the fait accompli of suffering patients relapsing into depression and the transition to chronic PTSD.

Unfortunately, most of these patients continue to suffer because they have no foreknowledge of a coming MDD or PTSD relapse. By using predictive biomarkers built with predictive AI, we are capable of predicting risks in a patient’s disease-status earlier.

A signal is sent to their doctor immediately for intervention, before a relapse of MDD or PTSD occurs. The solution lies in radical new approach to capturing & predicting objective informations.

Predictive Biosignature to build precision medicine

Our shared vision is to be at the forefront of building precision
medicine in mental health by relying on predictive AI.

MDD & PTSD : High-stake in numbers

30% of patients suffering from MDD have full recovery(1)

25% of patients suffering from MDD lost to monitor(2)

64% of patient suffering from acute PTSD evolve to chronic PTSD(3)

80% of chronic PTSD develop depression, bipolar or substance abuse disorder(4)

Publications & News

August 14-17, 2023

MyndBlue presented a poster on our latest results: the discovery of a predictive biosignature of major depressive disorder derived from physiological measurements of outpatients using machine learning.

Motivated to join an inspiring project?

We are a passionate and committed team to build the augmented psychiatry of tomorrow. Our contribution will help physicians to improve clinical outcomes and patients to regain quality of life.
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